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26 paises visitaron mi sitio Web. Gracias por eso!

26 pays ont visite mon site Web.Merci pour ca!


WOLKOM WEZE Dronrijp in The Netherlands ......!!!!!!!!!!!

WELCOME AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


26 countries visited my website I do thank you for that!


Its good to show where you are in this world so we can connect with each other.Thanks for your honesty!

I  have  much gratitude towards you all ! I will always honor your visit with my deepest respect towards you. LOVE INY!

Remember LOVE makes this world go round, shine your light today to others


Poner la a,b,c en el cerebro en algun lugar tal como se ve la forma de la mistral.

mettre la a,b,c dans votre cerveau quelque part tout comme vous voyer la forme de celui ci

Leer het a,b,c, precies zoals je het hier in deze vorm ziet!

Learn the abc  beyond here in this schedule.



                 d e f g

      h i j   k l m   n o p

           q r s t u v w

                  x y z 




Dit hierboven zijn de hoofdletters (Start of sentence Hierboven de schrijfletters How to write them and and  names " big" letters  and how the ABC is pronounced)   most of the time the        pronounciation with reading the Dutch.